Seafarms Ambrose

The annual Seafarms Ambrose took place on Sunday 24th September with 17 teams taking part in this highly anticipated event.

The Cardwell Golf Club would like to thank Seafarms for their very generous sponsorship with many great prizes provided by Seafarms and their Suppliers which included 40 kgs of freshly processed prawns distributed amongst the winners. 

The very popular Lucky Door prizes that are synonymous with this event were a big hit with 8 lucky players taking home a range of prizes including a BBQ smoker, $100 Butcher’s Voucher, $50 Wish Vouchers and Chocolates.

Thank you to all the teams that participated. A great social day of golf was enjoyed by everyone so make sure you book this into your calendar for next year.


First: Butterfly Valley – Nathan Pike, Mick Hall, Al Maugh, Nigel Baker.
Second: Prawn Stars – Shane Dorries, Jack Norton, Isaac Brown, Andy Greaham.
Third: F.I.S.H. – Chris and Christine Taylor, Keith Hoare, Phil Pentecost.
Fourth: Buggers – Ian Burchell, Tracy Hennessy, Leanne White, Ian Ingram.
N.A.G.A.: Pacific Fasteners – Michael Kneubyler, John Bisbal, Jacob McCarty, Callan Marneros.

Long Drives
Handicap 0-26 Dave Hoare
Handicap 27+ Matthew McCullagh
Handicap 0-29 Hipas Donald
Handicap 30+ Rose West