Women’s Golf

Women’s Golf in Cardwell

The Cardwell Golf Club provides a fun and inclusive environment for women in golf. Regardless if you are a visitor or member of our club there are lots of opportunities to participate across the many competitions held throughout the year.

We have a Women’s GA competition every Thursday starting at 9:00am and a mixed GA competition every Saturday. To register for games see our Timesheet.

Sunday Fun Day Ambroses are held eight to ten times per year and have become a major social event for Cardwell with women a large proportion of the field. These are great days to introduce women to golf as no handicap is required. Look out for dates in our calendar for when these events are on.

We also have a Women’s Pennants competition involving Cardwell and our neighbouring clubs of El Arish and Tully. There are three games per year with one competition held at every venue. These games are focused on getting as many women playing as possible in a friendly atmosphere where we share afternoon delicacies provided by the host club after the game.

In the latest Golf Australia Participation Report published in May 2023 the national average gender profile for golf club members is 80% Men/Boys and 20% Women/Girls. At the Cardwell Golf Club women represent 30% of membership and the club is looking to grow this further.  

We welcome women of all ages and abilities which our current membership base reflects with GA handicaps ranging from 14 to 50 and age up to 80. Whilst we do not have a resident golf professional, we have a great group of experienced members always willing to give lessons and help beginners start their golf adventure, no matter what life stage you are at.

So what are you waiting for ……..Come and join us at the Cardwell Golf Club!