MOPS Ambrose

MOPS (Mareeba Old Players and Supporters) AMBROSE was held on Sunday 23rd July.

16 teams competed for a range of generous prizes.

Winners were:

First: FISH, Keith and Marina Hoare, Chris Taylor, Terry Moss

Second: HIKK, Heather Edewards, Ian Brooks, Warren and Glenda Stahel

Third: TUGAS, Bill Dorries, Andrew Herbertson, Paul Walton, Ray Carucci

Fourth: Oscar and the Wilds, Mick and Zac Hurcum, Craig and Oscar Phelps

NAGA: Prawn Stars, Shane Dorries, Jack Norton, Isaac Brown, Kyle Raymond.

Men’s Longest Drives:

Handicap 0-27 Terry Moss

Handicap 28 and over Lenny Geary

Ladies’ Longest Drives:

Handicap 0-36 Denise Walton

Handicap 37 and over Leanne White

Junior Encouragement award: Oscar Phelps.